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To be eligible to participate in the Saint Martin Billfish Tournament 2018, each captain must register their boat before 6 PM Thursday June 21st, 2018. All participating boats should be equipped with the necessary safety equipment required by the maritime authorities of their Country of origin. Registrations will not be accepted without proof of these safety requirements.

The registration fee will be:

– Level 1 (mandatory): $1,000.00 per Boat

– Level 2 (optional): $500.00 per Boat

– Level 3 (optional): $1,000.00 per Boat

– Level 4 (optional): $2,000.00 per Boat
Registrations are only valid after receipt of the required fee.

Each boat registration includes:

– 1 Captain’s bag

– 5 VIP bracelets for the Open Bar

– 5 t-shirts

– Various giveaways

It is understood that all participants in this Tournament are participating at their own risk. The St-Martin Sport Fishing Association, the Tournament Committee, its Sponsors and/or Associates are not liable for any accidents or mishaps of any participants, crew, family, equipment and/or Boats before during or after the Tournament.